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how to create glamorous waves from root to tip

Taking time to curl your hair is one thing, but to create a glamorous cascade of waving curls is quite another. In this tutorial, Emily shows us exactly what it takes to transform long layers into a gorgeously, sophisticated look - something for Valentine's evening perhaps?

The wave kit includes a cone shaped wand - this is more versatile than a regular curling tong. It enables you to create lift and volume at the roots, while at the same time, creating a tighter, bouncy curl at the root.

Emily also recommends using a product from the L'Oreal Wild Stylers range. Savage Panache (who names this products?) is ideal for helping hair to hold the curl AND the volume. It texturises the hair, enabling hair to hold the separate curls in the desired wave.

So what are the secrets to success? 

  • Sectioning hair is vital. Take time to work methodically through your hair. There's no doubt that finer hair cut into long layers will hold this style best, but with careful sectioning, it can work for thicker hair too. (Note, if you have one length hair, you will struggle to achieve the volume seen in this tutorial).
  • Watch Emily's technique for adding volume at the root. She wraps hair around the widest part of the wand first and gives that a little extra time to 'set' some lift at the root.
  • To create the wave effect, Emily wrapped each curl in the same direction. This gives a more polished, formal look to the finished look. Alternating the direction of each curl would have produced a more informal, curly look.
  • As Emily worked her way up through the layers, she paused three times to spray Wild Styler over the hair. This is key to creating long lasting curls.

Watch the video here.

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